Notes on Capital, Vol. 1

"You've got to understand Marx on his own terms." ~David Harvey

“You’ve got to understand Marx on his own terms.” ~David Harvey

Although my influences are diverse, I’ve never fully immersed myself in socialist political economics. This is because my preferred method of receiving information is through audio podcasts. Whereas such free-market, libertarian organizations as the Ludwig von Mises Institute have been prolific in their output of economics podcasts, quality socialist economic podcasts are few and far between. The Marxist economics professor Richard D. Wolff has become a trailblazer in this regard, but even his radio show, Economic Update, podcasted weekly, is more his reaction to current events from his Marxist economic perspective, rather than his explanation of the fundamentals of Marxist economics. The only way I’ve found to learn the fundamentals of Marxist economics in podcast form seems to be from audiobook readings of fundamental Marxist texts, such as Das Kapital, combined with some few scattered lectures on the topic, most prominently those of David Harvey.

Because actually reading an foundational economic text is a bit of an undertaking for me, I’ll keep notes here as my understanding progresses.


  1. Introduction: My reaction to David Harvey’s introductory lecture.
  2. Chapter 1, Section 1: The Two Factors of a Commodity: Use Value and Value.
  3. Chapter 1, Section 2: The Two-Fold Character of the Labor Embodied in Commodities.
  4. (work in progress)

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