Economics Salon

Come in! Have a seat!

I’ve borrowed the title Economics Salon from my great friend, Jeannette Ryder of, who is interested in learning more about economic fundamentals. She has composed a panel of pseudo-experts (i.e. opinionated acquaintances) of varied backgrounds to guide her through the morass. Of course, I am thrilled to present the libertarian perspective. I’ve wanted to compile a history of my own personal intellectual development on political and economic matters for quite some time. Jeannette’s invitation is a perfect opportunity to get started.

My goal for this series is to have my legions of devoted critics understand my libertarian political ideas well enough to be able to predict what my position would be on any political question. Basically, I want to put my mind inside of the reader’s mind, as if the reader were performing a mind meld. I want the reader to know my thoughts, like this:

You, too, will believe! At least, that is the goal, and if you do not, it will not be for lack of understanding. Those who are not convinced will help me greatly if they told me which of the following explanations they found unconvincing, and why. That way, we may all proceed together in pursuit of truth.

Chapter One

Day 1: Introduction; When I was a child – “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child,” so the famous Bible verse goes. To start, I’ve scoured my memory deeply and blew the dust off of some of my earliest political memories.

Day 2: Progressive Influences – “When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me,” the famous Bible verse continues. Next, I describe my early years of political awareness, and the largely liberal and progressive influences that shaped my worldview.

Photo credit: Hair Salon, Granada Relocation Center, Tom Parker, NARA

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