Last Week’s Links, for February 13, 2012: A Hodgepodge

February 11, 2012
  1. I think the “Big Think” is to progressives like what “LearnLiberty” is to libertarians. This is good, I think, because it showcases for us some often mind-numbing obliviousness.

    I must say I’m a bit confused. The man claims to have been drowning in an ocean of free marketers and Hayekians, yet he doesn’t seem to hear anything they say, much less comprehend it. First, he completely misrepresents their ideas. Then, he claims that no fiscal conservatives are talking about this, that, or the other progressive talking point. It’s as if he had never so much as visited a libertarian website in his life, much less had his voice drowned out by gaggles of real, live libertarians. Maybe he’s talking about Republicans. Hmmm….

  2. Probably the largest picture of Paul Krugman you’re likely to see on the web.

  3. We can gamble in Vegas. We can donate on Kiva or Kickstarter. But it’s illegal to purchase $100 of stock in a job-creating business? That makes no sense.

    The rule evidently applies to those without the financial wherewithal to satisfy the SEC.  I didn’t even know about it. Really? If this is true, then ‘free country’ my ass. It’s really a miracle that anything ever gets done at all with such shackles on markets.  Read the rest of this entry »

Links for March 6, 2010: NORML Ad Runs on Times Square, Philly Ponders Soda Tax, Interesting Claims About the Fed, others….

March 18, 2010
  1. | CBS Reverses Decision, Agrees to Run Pro-Marijuana Ad

    Kudos to CBS for overcoming stereotype and helping to convey this sensible, important message.

  2. Weavers Way | Philly Proposes a Big Soda Tax

    I dislike behavior control through selective taxation more than I dislike soda.

  3. Ron Paul's MySpace Blog | Bernanke calls Ron Paul remarks "bizarre" – Ron Paul responds.

    Ah, MySpace blogs. America's finest news source. Hey, look. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened. I'm just the messenger. Read the rest of this entry »

links for 2010-02-12

February 13, 2010
  1. La Vida Locavore | Soda Consumption vs. Diabetes

    More on the Soda/Diabetes link. Any "extraneous variables" in there?

  2. Reason Magazine | Obama's Pardon Drought Continues

    It is what it says.

The Currency of Conscious Eating

January 4, 2010

Fig 1: The waistlines of silhouette dudes has grown steadily over the past three dudes.

Last night I posted a link to my facebook page about how eating and drinking sugary foods and beverages causes obesity.  My comment to that link, like most of my other facebook comments on news and current events, inculpated the government in yet another of society’s problems—this time the obesity epidemic:

It doesn’t surprise me that bad government policies, programs, and advice are at the heart of the obesity epidemic. Yet for some reason, I don’t expect this observation to sway people from advocating more government participation in health care. Please prove me wrong.

I knew the moment I clicked ‘share’ that this might have been a mistake. Read the rest of this entry »