Links for November 14, 2011: The Penn State edition

November 12, 2011

A facebook friend's message. Good advice.

  1. First and foremost, try not to lose sight of the actual criminal. His name is Jerry Sandusky.

  2. Here is the infamous report. Anyone who has talked to anyone about this issue and who has offered even the slightest defense of Joe Paterno was surely asked whether they have read the report. The report is 23 pages long. Joe Paterno plays a walk-on role on page 7. The report adds few details other than those that the media has made common knowledge. When people ask, “Have you read the grand jury report?” I feel it is often for two reasons:

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Links for July 12, 2010: Is the Energy Star Program a Rubber Stamp?; Much Ado About the Economy, Economics; Much, Much More!

July 11, 2010
  1. The Government Accountability Office tested the government’s Energy Star program with phony products and found it essentially to be a rubber stamp–except that only 15 of 20 products were accepted and two were rejected.  I wish they’d explained the rejections in a little more detail.

  2. Every time a libertarian stays in the closet, an angel gets its wings ripped off.

  3. We need you out here!!! I highly recommend listening to podcasts and watching After a while, you’ll come to realize that you have ready responses to every statist argument that comes down the tube.  Also, take Christopher Hitchens’s sage advice to heart.

  4. “The Conscience of a Liberal”: Calling your opponent “bizarre” and “crazy” = Checkmate!!! See full response hereRead the rest of this entry »