Does capitalism exploit workers? ‘Swag man wit a do’ tells it straight up

July 22, 2012

I caught this video coming down my facebook feed. My good friend Ian from YAL at UVA had reposted it from It is called Does Capitalism Exploit Workers:

This great video reminds me of my early podcasting days, when I first tuned in to the Ludwig von Mises Institute while cleaning horse stalls at a local stable in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. The lecture I recall specifically was Tom DiLorenzo‘s Labor Market Superstitions, from 2006. Tom explains how employers across the labor market bid up wages until those wages approach value of the labor:

I was further charmed by the response video to Does Capitalism Exploit Workers, which was posted by a gentleman who refers to himself as ‘Swag Man Wit A Do’, if I’ve understood him correctly. Swag man implores us to “put some knowledge in our brains” by watching the video above:

He has a whole channel of similarly witty videos. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to both LearnLiberty and Swag man today!

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July 11, 2010
  1. The Government Accountability Office tested the government’s Energy Star program with phony products and found it essentially to be a rubber stamp–except that only 15 of 20 products were accepted and two were rejected.  I wish they’d explained the rejections in a little more detail.

  2. Every time a libertarian stays in the closet, an angel gets its wings ripped off.

  3. We need you out here!!! I highly recommend listening to podcasts and watching After a while, you’ll come to realize that you have ready responses to every statist argument that comes down the tube.  Also, take Christopher Hitchens’s sage advice to heart.

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