links for 2010-02-13

February 14, 2010
  1. Aggressive Progressive | To win on jobs, we need to move beyond congress: progressive strategy on jobs part 2

    The second installment of an earlier linked series of articles.

  2. World Socialist Party (US) | The “logic” of Capitalism!

    I was hoping for some sort of explanation into possible logical fallacies in capitalist theory. No such luck. All I got was this interesting little bit of irony.

links for 2010-02-09

February 10, 2010
  1. John Birch Society | Obama Making Same Mistakes as FDR

    Here's an "atta boy" for the John Birch Society: highlighting the foolishness of some of FDR's New Deal policies. I still find it hard to believe that an American president actually set minimum prices for food and destroyed food at a time when an unnaturally large portion of Americans were dirt poor. Please, someone, tell me that this isn't true, and that we didn't have such a fool for a president. —Now, in the 21st Century, we had a "cash for clunkers" program wherein the government bought thousands of functional automobiles and destroyed them.

  2. World Socialist Party (US) | American Public Opinion and the S-Word

    Interesting poll results on the terms "socialism", "capitalism", "government-managed", and "free market".

  3. John Birch Society | The Real Problem with Pro-choice Men

    "After all, we limit choice all the time. For instance, doing so is the very business of government, and a law by definition is the criminalization of a choice; it’s also the business of religion, whose teachings may label certain choices as sins." — Another reason I'm not a Bircher. Again, I like their economic stuff, but this is not the language of the libertarian. On whether abortion is "murder", think of it this way: We have a right to shoot those who invade our homes. We call it self-defense. Women also have a right to expel those who invade their bodies. It is called self-ownership. I'm sorry if Selwyn Duke finds self-ownership to be a "tough sell" because it has some unpleasant implications. It would take a dedicated blog to explain those implications in full, and I'm not going to sugar-coat those implications to make them an easier "sell". Reality is unpleasant at times. For now count me as a man who would not criminalize abortion. Read the rest of this entry »

links for 2010-02-08

February 9, 2010
  1. Body in Mind | Capitalism saves beautiful women

    There was probably some misrepresentation of the collectivist position in there somewhere. I wasn't really paying attention. (NSFW!-nudity)

  2. World Socialist Web Site | Rio Tinto Borax locks out 570 California mine workers

    Socialists have a love/hate relationship with management. When they are working under management, management is the villain because it exploits the workers. When management does not allow them to work because they refuse to sign an exploitive contract, management is again the villain for declining to exploit the workers. The attitude is summed up well in this statement: "Merrilees added, '[Mgmt] want[s] to be able to pick and choose who works, who doesn’t, who gets promoted, who gets raises and who gets what jobs,' He said, 'To their credit, people are standing up and saying, 'Enough is enough….'" What seems to be a fairly fundamental and necessary managerial task is unacceptable to Merilees. Merilees apparently believes that management should be prohibited from paying and retaining workers on the basis of individual worker productivity. To me, this is unfair. More productive workers should be paid more and have greater opportunity for promotion than less productive workers. Read the rest of this entry »

links for 2010-02-07

February 8, 2010
  1. Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) | Obama's Drug War Budget Destroys the Myth of Change

    Strong rebuke for the White House's 2010 drug war budget.

  2. Mises Economics Blog | "Who dat" owns the term "Super Bowl"? – Douglas French

    Commenting on the trademark infringement involving the term "Super Bowl".

  3. Mises Institute | Wage Earners and Employers – Ludwig von Mises

    More reason not to fear the Citizens United case: "It is a myth that there prevails a conflict between the interests of the corporations and firms and those of the people employed by them. In fact, good profits and high real wages go hand in hand." —Still, though, I'm hearing from many different sources that the court brought up the First Amendment issue "sua sponte". If this is true, as it is looking more likely to be, I would consider that to be 'judicial activism'. I will have to update my prior posts where I denied the claim…. Read the rest of this entry »

links for 2010-02-06

February 7, 2010
  1. | Aggressive Progressive: Fix the Budget, Fix America

    I agree here with Drew Hudson that we should cut the defense budget, as we should cut the budget everywhere else. By "restarting the economy", I hope he means returning that money to the American taxpayers.

  2. Link TV | Dean's Beans Blog: Lords of the Ring: Who Determines the Price of Coffee?

    If nobody is willing to pay the farmers their production costs, then what does that say about the market's need for coffee? What will happen—what should happen—is that is that farmers will and should give up making coffee and find something else to do to provide for themselves. It's not easy to say to a large swath of South Americans: "Well, look, your coffee culture is obsolete. International traders are no longer willing to pay for what you do." But if that's the reality, then so be it. Part of the equation is: who is selling coffee at below the cost of production, and why? If big international coffee corporations are making a killing selling coffee, and if they actually want to survive, then they will do well not to bankrupt their suppliers. They should consider offering the farmers enough for the crop so that the farmers can keep their businesses going. The farmers should consider another line of work if nobody is willing to offer them enough to keep their business going. Read the rest of this entry »