Links for December 26, 2007: Another stomach-turning spending visual; Inside the above-board marijuana industry; Cenk Uygur vs. Peter Schiff shoutfest; others….

  1. After a while, these become just a bunch of numbers, unhinged from any consequences.

  2. Look at the inside of their facility. You might mistake it for a bank at first glance. Look at the paperwork. Look at the oversight. Face reality: people buy drugs. Now ask yourself: would you rather people buy drugs in places like this, or from criminal thugs on street corners?

  3. Meanwhile, he says, the 17 people he employed at the Liberty Bell Temple and grow site are now out of work—”right before Christmas, too”—

    What am I gonna do, go back to driving a truck? Nobody’s gonna hire me, and I don’t have money to get my own truck back on the road.”

    A fixture of New Jersey’s marijuana culture is the latest victim of the government’s medical marijuana crackdown. 17 + 1. Why, that’s 18 people out of work. ….

  4. Cenk blabbed over Peter several times before the final exchange. I don’t think Peter once ended a thought with a period and a full stop (not that he ever really does that). Then Cenk asks a question, answers it himself, embarks on a soliloquy, stuffs words in Peter’s mouth.

    Cenk did not have Peter on the show because he was in any way interested in Peter’s insight. Cenk invited Peter on so he could talk down to Peter.

  5. Dorothy Rabinowitz repeats Ron Paul’s statements on American foreign policy while sprinkling in some colorful epithets, such as “the best-known of American propagandists for our enemies”. The only thing missing is a counter-argument. Ms. Rabinowitz simply could not be troubled to offer an alternative narrative.

  6. Vodpod videos no longer available.

    Rachel Maddow rightfully accuses the Republicans of general incoherence. One example, of many, that she offers is Mitt Romney’s abiguity about war. I welcome this descussion about coherence, because I think this is where libertarians have it all over the competition, hands down. When pressed to think of an example of Democrat incoherence, Rachel’s first and only response is that Democrats are incoherent about how to move their poilitcal agendas forward against their fellow incoherent Republican legislators. Really? Is that the best she can do? If you want to see incoherence laid bare across the mainstream political spectrum, watch Jan Helfeld’s many varied interviews with legislators. Just listen to both Rep. Joe Hoeffel (D-PA) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) babble incoherently about the ethics of taxation. This is fundamental stuff, here.

  7. Facing intense economic pressure, GoDaddy changes its tune on SOPA in 24 hours flat. Boycotts actually work if one ticks off enough people. Noam Chomsky once called corporations “completely unaccountable” “tyrannies”. Here is a clear example to the contrary.

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