Links for October 24, 2011: Money in politics a feature, not a bug; Immigrants and jobs: don’t hate; Gary Johnson ignored; others….

  1. Money in politics: That’s not a bug. That’s a feature. (Aside, the excellent tunage is Hans Zimmer’s Time, from the Inception soundtrack)

  2. A government that can make or break great fortunes invites a bruising and wasteful competition for its favor. It cannot be surprising, then, that those with the most — thus most to lose — assiduously seek favor from the state.

    This is why the often heard Occupy Wall Street demand to get money out of politics will never happen. Politicians will be bought so long as they are for sale.

  3. TV commercial that aired during one of the Republican primary debates turned my stomach. Rather than hiding passively-aggressively behind “numbers” and “levels”, these scared, sad people should be a little more direct. They should look potential immigrants in the eye and say: “You are not welcome here. If you come near our borders, we will release the hounds and they will tear you apart.”

    Immigrants are not just employment black holes that come here to suck up jobs. Immigrants also demand goods and services, so jobs are created to accommodate them. In the end, they cause no net change in unemployment.

  4. Let Ben Powell explain. 

  5. Say what??? The disconnect between politicians and their constituents is incredible. Sure, he gets to look like a hero for reducing crime, but did it cross Rep. Hardy’s mind for even an instant that this law might potentially inconvenience some people?

  6. Ron Paul has been the second most ignored presidential candidate this election cycle.

    At least he has been invited to the debates this time around, unlike some other Gary Johnsons I know.

  7. Government: If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions. Classic Demotivator®

  8. Inflation: Because the easiest way to steal your wealth is by cheapening your money. Wow. You can help but imagine there are some libertarians at the official….

  9. Maybe. I would recommend this great book: The Amish and the State, by Donald B. Kraybill

  10. It's true. He didn't.

    Feat. Lysander Spooner. I LOLed

  11. Above the law.

  12. Freedom isn’t free. Apparently, it costs $33,000 a day.

  13. I’m starting to like this guy Lawrence O’Donnell…..

  14. Over the last three decades, we have lived under a very specific form of capitialism, that is free-market capitalism, that has served us very poorly. (14:03)

    I’d have to read Ha-Joon Chang’s book to really understand where he is coming from, but this seems like doublespeak to me. If “free-market capitalism” is that system which is shackled by the USC, the CFR, analogous state and municipal codes, a Federal Reserve that manages our monetary system from the top down, international agreements, treaties, etc., then what would one call a market that isn’t so shackled?

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