Links for Monday, June 20: China’s Economic Stimulus; Ludicrous RIAA Damages; What about NPR?; others…

  1. Stories about how China’s economy will soon surpass that of the U.S. should not be taken at face value. This is China’s economic stimulus project. This is what a government stimulus project is. A government stimulus project is when the government takes money and resources from the private sector and uses it to make and build things for which there is no genuine demand. Our American stimulus is of the same essential character. Ours is just a little more modest in scale.

  2. Here is a nice article from Niall Ferguson about the choice the American Government will make on our behalf in the near future: Raise taxes and/or cut government. Thomas E. Woods has argued that raising taxes will not solve the problem. There will have to be copious cutting.

  3. With juries like these, who needs dictators?

  4. On one hand, I like NPR, too, but that does not entitle me to it.

  5. On the other hand, Inorite? Y’all gotta fry some bigger fish.

  6. For about $100, he says, Monster offers a six-foot cable rated at 15.8 gigabits per second, about 50 percent more than the 10.2-gigabit minimum required to qualify as “high-speed HDMI cable” according to, the consortium that manages HDMI standards and licenses a logo to certify products that meet its requirements.

    Also causing confusion are the evolving standards set by as it adjusts to new features offered by device-makers, such as the proliferation of standards for “surround sound” or color depth.

    The little things that libertarians notice: Do we need government to set HDMI standards, or can consumers trust this consortium?

  7. Preparation: A constant bane of Marxists.

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