Links for March 21, 2010: Backlog O’Links 2

  • It just makes sense.

  • But it’s been a challenge to convince anyone otherwise. “This is the heart of the problem—money from the Byrne grants,” Piper says. It’s money for overtime. Money for promotions. It’s policing for profit.”

    This great Philadelphia Weekly cover story highlights the embarrassing racial disparity among marijuana arrestees. There is also a great discussion on police incentives to boost pot arrests to show they are making use of stimulus money. And for what? Marijuana prohibition is simply crooked all around.  

  • Aren’t you glad this guy is in Congress?

  • This is a fun counterbalance to Rand Paul, above. Sheena did not suggest any particular remedy for the apparent overabundance of choice inundating some places and cultures. She asks us only to be aware of it. I found her discussion to be most illuminating. Still, I feel I must say that I don’t see any reason to forcefully limit choices in the public sphere, even, or perhaps especially, where decades of communist oppression has stunted a people’s decision-making abilities. In the private sphere, no, Ms. Iyengar is not entitled to be served sugar with her green tea, neither in Japan nor anywhere else. Also, people should feel free to cede or pool their decision-making authority where they feel unqualified or unable to choose. American society should not “demand” individual decisions. Remember though, as Rush cogently observed: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

  • I can’t get enough of this “I’m rich and I want to pay more taxes” shtick. If Stephen King wants to pay the government 50% of his income, then he should make his generous check donation out to The Bureau of Public Debt and mail it to:

    Attn Dept G
    Bureau of the Public Debt
    P. O. Box 2188
    Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

    Alternatively, he should make online donations through this web form. He should not tell other people what needs to be happening to their money.

    King goes on to say that he does make up the shortfall by giving it not necessarily to government, but to various charities. There are profound differences between giving money to private charities and giving it to government. Giving to charity is commendable, but King “doesn’t see a lot of that going around.” I’ll have to investigate that claim a little further—but Stephen: Why not 60%? Come on. You can spare it…

  • There seems to have been a bit of a conflation between “America”, which certainly is not broke, and “the government”, which apparently is….

  • Teacher of the Year?

  • It boils down to this: things would be better if they were run by us, not by them. Not because we’re better people (although you could make that case), but because we actually do the work — we don’t have anyone to oppress or exploit.

    Maybe, but this sort of work arrangement is permissible in a free, capitalist society. Workers may start and run their own businesses any time they want. I think Marxists forget this because they seem to be stuck in an “us vs. them” mentality.

  • A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

  • This guy should deport himself.

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