Links for March 15, 2011: Backlog O’Links #1

  • One way to stimulate an economy is to get your foot off of it’s neck.

  • It is a crime, work? So I guess I’m a criminal. It is a crime to be working. lol.

  • I’m glad this point of view is getting out there. On one hand, I can see how the gold standard would constrain a growing economy. On the other hand, no, I don’t trust those people with the printing press.

  • The Constitutional Liberty We Lost | Reason

    Or Willie Lyons, one of the parties in Adkins. She was a female elevator operator in a D.C. hotel, perfectly willing to work for a lower salary because the hotel provided room and board. But because her wages were below the level set by D.C.’s wage law, she lost her job. Justice George Sutherland in the Adkins opinion wrote that the laws were a “naked arbitrary exercise of power.” One need only look at the date the law passed—a couple of weeks before World War I ended—and see the reason for it was to price women out of the labor market to clear jobs for returning GIs from Europe. It was typical of so-called protective laws for women. It was really to protect women right out of the labor marketplace.

    Maybe I’m cynical, but this is usually what I see when I look at regulations passed allegedly in the public interest.

  • The guy who posted this video had what as far as I could tell were legitimate criticisms about Woods’s alleged whitewashing of the genocide that Western settlers committed against the Native Americans. By the last paragraph of his comment, however, the guy tells us how governments at all levels began subsidizing this genocide. So….yes and no.

  • I think this is something that freedom-loving Americans should probably read.

  • Here Mother Jones makes the rare meritorious challenge to tea party principles. Opposition to filing tax forms aside, if they won’t show you where their money is going then they shouldn’t get it.

  • Economics is universal.

  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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