Links for January 3, 2010: Deregulation? D.E.A.? Bulliion? Pinkwashing?

  • One of my favorite speaker/authors.

    Tom Woods hints at debunking. It’s a tough point to get unless you know all the details. I must admit that I do not, but I’d like to learn. See also the comments on Tom Woods’s facebook page.

  • Like many of the cables made public in recent weeks, those describing the drug war do not offer large disclosures. Rather, it is the details that add up to a clearer picture of the corrupting influence of big traffickers, the tricky game of figuring out which foreign officials are actually controlled by drug lords, and the story of how an entrepreneurial agency operating in the shadows of the F.B.I. has become something more than a drug agency.

    Read: “the corrupting influence of drug prohibition.”

  • Bullion: Booo. Pre-1964 coinage: Yay!

    It’s a no-brainer. Silver bullion is over-priced. Buy the pre-1964 coinage instead.

  • It is what it is.

  • Includes a challenge to Penn & Teller to call Bullshit! on the cancer charity industry. They’d probably be very interested.

  • Food intended for poor Indian families have been siphoned off and sold locally and abroad in a corruption scandal involving hundreds of local government officials, investigators said. … The government’s largest welfare scheme — the Public Distribution System (PDS) — aims to target these people and provide poor consumers with basic food and non-food items at below market prices. Under the PDS, federal authorities buy food grains directly from farmers and then allocate it to state governments, which are responsible for selling it to poor families through a network of shops throughout the country. But investigators say in at least 18 of Uttar Pradesh’s 72 districts, the food grains did not reach the poor and were siphoned off and smuggled by rail and road to be sold in the open market.

    I understand that private parties do often breach their contracts, but no, you can’t blame this one on the free market.

    Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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