Links for December 27, 2010: Four Loko and Net-Neutrality

  • You can not really understand a moral panic like this in rational terms. … You can still mix Red Bull and vodka.

  • I’m not really a computer wizard, so I can’t speak about the the accuracy and completeness, but the last 17 seconds of the video explains why the net-neutrality movement has not yet won me over.

  • That’s the real risk of regulating anything having to do with the Internet, or any disruptive technology. Regulation is necessarily static, inflexible, and vague. Rulemaking and adjudication are divorced from technical realities, and they are necessarily political.The history of regulated industries is littered with unfortunate examples of well-intentioned consumer safeguards that froze the status quo of existing players and the antiquated relationships baked into their supply chains.

    The misplaced nostalgia for an Internet that has long since evolved to something much different and much more useful has led to the adoption today of rules that may have a similar effect. The FCC’s embrace of open-Internet rules may indeed preserve the Internet–but preserve it in the same way amber preserves the bodies of prehistoric insects.

    Yeah, c|net said it!

  • Et tu, Rite-Aid?? The AFL-CIO squanders a perfect opportunity to condemn employer-based health care. Why should Rite-Aid even be in a position to “demand that workers pay exorbitant increases in their health care premiums”?

  • Yeah, what a shame. I’ll be 102 when that thing is released, so I really don’t care. Future genealogists will have to figure something else out.

  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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