Links for December 13, 2010. A little bit of raid, a little bit of Wikileaks, a little bit of fire.

Journalistically irresponsible photo of an unrelated SWAT team.

  • Dan Viets, Tebeau’s attorney, says the November 1 raid on Camp Zoe involved about 80 federal agents and they “didn’t find so much as a roach” on the property.”There were several dozen federal agents from all the alphabet soups — IRS, DEA, ATF — backed up by local cops who came onto the property with federal subpoenas,” Viets says. “They basically asked for business records, which they got.”

    The DEA and U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigation.

    An official statement published on the Camp Zoe website says “one patron was arrested for previous warrants unrelated to Camp Zoe.” The message also says, “the same day the DEA seized all the money in the Camp Zoe bank account — which included most of the gate receipts for the Spookstock 9 weekend. This money was to be used to pay staff, artists, security, production (lights & sound), trash pickup, etc. for the festival weekend. It was also to be used for the basic bills for Camp Zoe to get the business through the winter.”

    Grand theft campground. Absolutely abominable. Those who do not speak out against the War on Drugs tacitly support this. On a lighter note, I used to listen to a podcasted radio program hosted by Dan Viets out of KOPN Columbia, Missourim, called Sex, Drugs, and Civil Liberties. It does not seem to have podcasted since last July, but man it was great. Dan, you are an inspiration.

  • Is the violence drug related, or prohibition related? It is tough to tell from the article….

  • New chaiman of the House monetary policy subcommittee.

  • Rep. Ron Paul, Chairman, Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee

    Jurisdiction: Domestic monetary policy, currency, precious metals, valuation of the dollar, economic stabilization, defense production, commodity prices, financial aid to commerce and industry

    Oh yeah! Bring it!

  • New businesses need to depend on a stable legal environment and a bright outlook for the future. These are both missing. The supposed recovery has been phonied up in every conceivable way: nationalizations, bad debt swept under the carpet, money creation by the Fed, make-work jobs paid for by the taxpayer. No one really believes all the hokum. The question is not whether the recovery is phony; it is, what is real and what is not real? No one knows for sure.

    I was speaking to a friend the other day who advocated allowing Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich” to expire. He observed that “the trickle down theory does not work.” This article explains why the wealth is not trickling down. See also this video.

  • It’s not supposed to be two-way…. That’s a one-way street…. The government doesn’t want anyone poking around in its innards. That’s for the government to do to you. (Grimmace.) That’s for those people to do to you, never for you to do to the government in return.

    You gotta love that face.

  • The Nation | Sarah Palin vs. Julian Assange

    Assange is not a ‘journalist,’ any more than the “editor” of al Qaeda’s new English-language magazine Inspire is a ‘journalist.’ He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?

    The article make’s clear that Sarah Palin’s tea party movement is not a libertarian movement.

  • A small rural community in western Tennessee is outraged and the fire chief is nursing a black eye after firefighters stood by and watched a mobile home burn to the ground because the homeowner hadn’t paid a $75 municipal fee. South Fulton city firefighters – equipped with trucks, hoses and other firefighting equipment – didn’t intervene to save Gene Cranick’s doublewide trailer home when it caught fire last week. But they did arrive on the scene to protect the house of a neighbor, who had paid his fire subscription fee. “I just forgot to pay my $75,” said Cranick. “I did it last year, the year before. … It slipped my mind.” Later that day, Cranick’s son Timothy went to the fire station to complain, and punched the fire chief in the face. (AOL News, 6 October)


    Never send the government to do the free market's job.

  • The idea that the free market would lead to this outcome is silly. According to all accounts the homeowner offered to pay the fee on the spot. He even offered to pay more than the fee and cover all costs associated with putting out the fire. What for-profit company would sit there and refuse to extend their services to a potential customer begging to give them his money? Even on the hampered market we live in now, no company operates like this. Only the state operates like this.The fire chief could not take the homeowner up on his offer to pay because the chief is a part of a bureaucratic chain of command that cannot adjust to new situations. He cannot on his own make the decision to take the money and put the fire out. He has superiors to report to.

    Counterpoint. See also my first post on this story here.

  • It’s about time someone (else) drew the link between the free market and Darwinian evolution.

  • Fraud, but not extortion. Thanks, Jeff….

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