Links for October 25, 2010: Interview with Marakay Rogers, Libertarian Candidate for Pennsylvania Governor; More “Quantitative Easing” to Come; others….

    Marakay Rogers (

  1. Not a great interview; It sticks mainly to some few libertarian talking points, but you won’t hear from her during the gubernatorial debate tonight.

  2. The BBC explains “quantitative easing”.

  3. For those who aren’t in the know, “quantitative easing” is doublespeak for printing money.

  4. From 2005. A response to those who invoke Steven Pinker’s “The Blank Slate” against market anarchists. Sure, when police go on strike, there is chaos. This isn’t because we need the government to provide police. This is because when the government monopolizes a service and then abruptly ceases to provide it, the work is left undone until other arrangements are made.

  5. I love the environment and being a good steward as much as the next guy, but I’m not willing to resort to this kind of violence and thuggery. “The Green Police” Super Bowl commercial of last year was another great example, although that one came from a car company, and not directly from the minds of environmental organizations.

  6. One of Mother Jones’s best and most informative pieces of journalism regarding the libertarian movement.

  7. Mother Jones, usually a very good sheet, just can’t resist putting out a constant stream of ad-hominem schlock about the Tea Party. In this installment, Stephanie Mencimer treats us to an apples-to-oranges comparison of Tea Party organizations to for-profit pyramid schemes of questionable legality. Mother Jones delivers these articles through it twitter stream, and I have yet to see a single twitter post that directly confronts the Tea Party’s opposition to the Federal Reserve or its opposition to big-government, Keynesian solutions to economic problems. I’m not even a huge Tea Party supporter because I find I generally disagree with them on matters of immigration, nationalism, religious mores, and others, but these Mother Jones articles just so bad, so evasive, and so off the mark that I can’t resist commenting.

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