Links for October 11, 2010: Big Brother is Watching, Monopoly City Fire Company Watches House Burn, others….

    ...and you're boring.

  1. – “Don’t worry. You’re boring.”

  2. Well, they seem to have caught on to the idea of “pay for service”. Now they have to introduce some competition. This is an opportunity for a competitor to come around and offer some more convenient payment options. 

  3. What’s telling are the specific responses those polled gave for why they don’t access the ‘Net. 47.2% of 2009 respondents still said “don’t need/not interested.” But 22.3% said they felt that they didn’t have a good enough computer-or any computer at all. 8.6% called the Internet “too expensive.” Over four percent cited “lack of skill.”

    Still a very large number though. I was surprised. Many are probably elderly.

  4. Talent agencies declare that it’s either us or them: Either use the free stuff or pay for our stuff. CBC made a choice.

  5. Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think? It’s like an anti-piracy lawyer who plagiarizes his brief.

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