Links for October 4, 2010: Police Corruption in NY, How Many Stimuli Does It Take To Revive an Economy?, others….

  1. An absolutely chilling story of police corruption in New York City. Officers are pressured to reach arrest quotas by making illegal arrests while underreporting major crimes to make themselves look successful. They then go to disturbing lengths to intimidate an officer who does not perform. But first: what could happen to you if you make terroristic threats on facebook.

  2. You’ll hear proponents of government stimulus often say that the private sector is not creating jobs fast enough. Have any of them ever thought to ask why not? As it turns out, they’re afraid of something: the uncertain regulatory environment, of course.

  3. Some compelling stories of police violence in the wake of hurricane Katrina, together with a Keynesian view of the economy from Jack Rasmus. According to Jack, the depression of 1907 – 1914, for example, was a “type 1 depression”: you had bailouts, but not enough stimulus. The Great Depression was allegedly a “type 2 depression”: you had neither enough bailouts or enough stimulus, despite the legendary and unprecedented WPA. The depression of 1920, of course, eludes classification. The solution to the current depression, of course, is to create yet another trillion-dollar jobs program and to get the money for it by confiscating it through taxation from businesses that aren’t spending it fast enough for reasons described in the above special (namely, the uncertainty of future government regulation). Nationalization of whole industries is also on the table. Essentially, neither Jack Rasmus nor Michael Ratner have demonstrated any knowledge of the existence of, let alone any understanding of, the Austrian counter-arguments to this line of reasoning. Jack Rasmus is said to be “the clearest thinking person” Michael Ratner knows on economic issues.

  4. Not appreciating the dualistic title, but an important lesson nonetheless. One of the reasons health care costs so much is that lay people are often prohibited from relatively mundane, safe tasks. The crime is called “practicing medicine without a license”.

  5. Links to the legislation are within. The COICA blacklist is intended for any site that is

    primarily designed, has no demonstrable, commercially significant purpose or use other than, or is marketed by its operator, or by a person acting in concert with the operator, to offer … goods or services in violation of title 17, United States Code, or enable or facilitate a violation of title 17, United States Code, including by offering or providing access to, without the authorization of the copyright owner or otherwise by operation of law, copies of, or public performance or display of, works protected by title 17, in complete or substantially complete form, by any means, including by means of download, transmission, or otherwise, including the provision of a link or aggregated links to other sites or Internet resources for obtaining such copies for accessing such performance or displays,

    among some others.

  6. This study received quite a lot of buzz over the past couple of weeks.

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