Links for September 27, 2010: Much Ado about the Tea Party, Unequal Justice Before the Law, others…

Anyone for Tea? (photo: miya)

  1. One sign of the tea party movement’s success is that the term “tea party” is becoming an all-purpose smear term for any more-or-less right-wing person or activity that the writer doesn’t like. In fact, I think “Tea Party” is replacing “neocon” as an all-purpose word for “the people I hate.”

  2. I’m glad we got that out of the way. Maybe after tea-partiers learn to “eye” people correctly, we can graduate to talking about the real issues.

  3. No longer content with bellowing accusations of racism, I see we’ve graduated to accusations of terrorism. Is Jen Phillips seems more interested in having the whole of the Tea Party movement added to the list of terror threats than she is in having Climate Ground Zero removed—for little more than supporting and defending the Second Amendment.

  4. Incredibly, I got the first comment down bottom:

    This isn’t “outdoing” her earlier stuff. She is criticizing the way the government forces those who are in the market for health coverage to pay for coverage they don’t need. That is a reasonable concern. The “finger quotes” were her way of saying that “autism” is an overused umbrella term for a bunch of problems that she doesn’t need to pay for, but is required to pay for by government mandate if she wishes to remain insured. I don’t know what the actual clinical definition of “autism” is, so I don’t know if she is correct about that, but I don’t think that this “outdoes” the weird quotes alluded to in the bullet points.

    I’ll give Mother Jones readers the benefit of the doubt and assume that the comments in reply do not necessarily represent their intellectual capacity.

  5. A spelling error in the headline mars an otherwise excellent post from the World Socialist Party (US). An AIG executive gets is sentenced to four years in prison for committing a $500M fraud while a homeless black man gets 15 years for taking $100 in a finger-in-pocket bank robbery. Grant it, robbery is different from fraud, but it is not hard to see the disproportionality here. That’s your government’s justice system at work.

  6. An exercise in asking the right questions. If you are not asking the right questions, you can not write a good article. Here, I think the author is thoughtful and fairly represents the sides of the debate. All that remains is to answer the questions….

  7. Cry me a river. If you want to improve your standing in society then invent some more believable truth claims.

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