Backlog O’Links for August 30, 2010: Old stuff that’s not even newsworthy anymore.

  1. World Socialist Party (US) | Making Bread

    Daryl Larson, who farms 1,500 acres in Kansas sold nearly half of his wheat crop but will keep the rest in the silo in the expectation that the prices will at least climb further. Most analysts would concur with Mr Larson’s strategy of holding on to some grain for added profit. The [Socialist Party of Great Britain] only asks: why do some in this world face destitution and hunger, while others hoard food to obtain higher profits?

    Farm subsidies complicate the issue, but the simple answer is: Daryl Larson, the producer of the food, has the perfect right to do anything he pleases with it. He was under no obligation to make the food. Similarly, he is under no obligation to distribute the food. If Mr. Larson were forced to sell his grain at prices he did find agreeable, he probably not stay in the wheat business for very long.

    If we added farm subsidies into the mix, then, depending on why the subsidies were paid in the first place, there could be a basis upon which to demand that Mr. Larson make some concessions to taxpayers….

  2. AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Public to Lawmakers: Tax the Rich1) Aren’t you glad that the public has no authority to confiscate and redistribute your private property?? 2)Never trust anyone who classifies tax cuts as ‘spending’. 3) This article quotes labor secretary Robert Reich who believes that the ‘fundamental cause’ of the financial crisis is wealth disparity. If not for wealth disparity, the argument goes, Americans would not have needed to borrow so much. I’ve never heard this one before… 
  3. Islamic Finance in Relation to Capitalism & Socialism | Robert Michael – JDSupraI haven’t yet read it, but it is bound to be interesting.
  4. Massive intelligence leak releases 90,000 previously secret military reports on war in AfghanistanWhoa.
  5. MoJo potty humor is way over my head. What is that thing in the quotes? It looks to me like a ‘Sorry’ game piece.

  6. If I decide to take all of my ostensibly less “fit” neighbors and render them completely “unfit” to survive by slaughtering them, nobody seems to have any trouble identifying this as a ghastly, abhorrent application of Darwinistic principles to steer the course of human evolution. If, on the other hand, I take my ostensibly less “fit” neighbors and help them to be more “fit”, perhaps by providing medical techniques, prosthetics, education, etc., nobody, not even the great ambassador of evolution, Richard Dawkins, ever sees this as an benevolent application of Darwinism to steer the course of human evolution. Why not? Why does nobody ever say: “No legs? No problem. That no longer renders any human beings ‘unfit’ to survive. You are now officially ‘fit’. This is the new evolution. We got you covered.” I consider myself a social Darwinist, and I believe that our goal should be to improve the ‘fitness’ of our fellow humans by helping them out.

  7. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson, an early icon of the tea party movement, hasn’t enlisted in the new House Tea Party Caucus. Rachel Mills, his spokeswoman, declined to comment when asked if Paul would eventually join.

    I’m a bit cynical about a Tea Party Caucus that does not include Ron Paul.

  8. At what point does “improved efficiency” become “cutting corners”? Also, they must be using that super-thin eco-paper. You can’t hardly tell its 880 pages.

  9. Does anyone else see a conflict between these provisions of the new financial reform bill, which require banks to verify that potential borrowers can repay their loans, and the Community Reinvestment Act, which mandates that banks lend money to certain people whom the bank has determined will be unlikely to repay their loans? Meh. Who cares. Let the fat-cat bankers figure it out. Muahahaha!!

  10. I love green jobs as much as the next guy, but when they are financed with government stimulus and subsidies, this is the result.

  11. Goldline has done nothing wrong here. They are making a sales pitch. That the government has, in the past, confiscated gold bullion is a fact. That the government spared collectible numismatic items from this confiscation is also a fact. Consumers should include this information in their calculation of whether to purchase bullion or collectibles. I stick with bullion because any idiot can look up the spot price of bullion and shop around for the dealer who best approximates this price. I stay away from collectible numismatics because understanding all of the minutiae of that market is a discipline that takes many years of experience to master. As a collector of vinyl records, I’ve spent over a decade building a knowledge of that market–and I’ve experienced my share of “rip offs”. It comes with the territory. I’ve also experienced my share of great bargains. These customers need to learn the art of shopping. Try consulting eBay, or your local coin dealers, before dropping $5000 on alleged “collectibles”.

  12. The Post brings a new level attention to people like the contractors and the blank check they get from our otherwise deficit-obsessed government. Everything else in our society is being squeezed, and yet they have almost carte blanche for this, noted Greg Mitchell of the Nation magazine on GitTV this week.

    Everything in our society is being squeezed? O RLY?? President Obama proposes a budget with a $3.8 trillion budget with a $1.7 trillion deficit that includes a $600 billion stimulus–and when this stimulus does not cover the budget shortfalls of 44 spendthrift state governments, causing them to scale back their splurging, Laura Flanders says “everything in society is being squeezed.” Bill Fletcher says: if one deluge of government stimulus effluence is not enough, then we need two or three or four. This is simple irresponsibility. Nothing is being “squeezed”. Largesse is being reigned in. And here in this video, we gain the perfect insight as to why the public sector is so irresponsible and prone to largesse: The incentives are reversed. When private sector companies do not satisfy customers, they lose money and go bankrupt. When public sector programs fail at their mission, the tendency is to throw more tax dollars at them. This is how the public sector FAILS.

  13. Yawn. This should not surprise anyone. Not a single person should be surprised.

  14. Most of these are either ad-hominem or they mangle the libertarian position beyond recognition. Whether a person is “terrified” of the growing State does not address whether the individual’s fears are justified. “The Island,” fails to recognize that both parties to a voluntary exchange benefit. I’ve never heard a libertarian assert, the way “Creepy” does, that Asian-style child trafficking for sex slavery should be permissible in a libertarian society, and if the author has heard such a libertarian, I’d like to know the source. “Selectively Frugal” has apparently adopted the absurd authoritarian position that tax cuts are a form of “spending”. Of course, the libertarian who suggests to an authoritarian that her demonstrable ignorance of the libertarian point of view is possibly attributable to a failure on her part to have seriously considered the libertarian’s arguments and evidence is represented, and her panel is labeled “Arrogant”. The best response I’ve seen so far is here. File me under “The Apostle”, “Briefly Tempting”, “Consistent”, and …. “Atlas”.

  15. I usually agree with on just about everything, but I am not yet on board with their uncompromising anti-intellectual-property stance. See my comment here.

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