Links for June 7, 2010: The Greecing of America, A Libertarian Answer to Oil Spills, Ayn Rand as a “Gateway Drug”, others….

  1. Debt crisis: Coming soon to a country near you…

  2. Greece PM threatens lawsuit against United States investment banks for their “role” in the Greek government’s uncontrolled spending spree. Whatever. In other news, the threat made Democracy Now! headlines, sans, of course, any reference to Greece’s massive public debt–apparently 113% of GDP. Maybe they already did a show on it??

  3. There has been an uneasy dearth of commentary from my favorite libertarian sources on the BP oil spill. Here is one of the best posts I’ve come across explaining what libertarianism could have done, and can still do, for the Gulf.

  4. Sequel to the previous post.

  5. Another thing that has not changed: Government ownership of the water and limits on liability.

  6. misses an opportunity to talk about ocean privatization to advocate fish socialism. What incentive does any fisherman have to maximize their catch when each is guaranteed a share?

  7. On the privatization theme, a town with privately-owned roads exercises property rights.

  8. Great headline from the Christian Science Monitor, which is now importing blogs not only from the Mises Institute, but also from the Daily Reckoning. Good for them!

  9. Vodpod videos no longer available.

    Neither [Karl Marx nor John Rawls] saw their philosophy as a philosophy of altruism—as a philosophy of sacrificing ones-self completely in order to benefit somebody else. This is a complete fiction. This is an invention of her. It’s a very convenient one because it allows her to make the arguments she wants to make, but I think its part of the sort of jousting that she engages in with people who don’t really exist, and she made her life very easy for herself because she came up with arguments against strawmen that nobody on the left really seriously makes at all.

    Corey Robin characterizes Rand’s argument that “leftist want us all to sacrifice ourselves completely,” as a strawman argument. His hang-up is apparently over the completeness of the sacrifice. Rand used the phrase “sacrificial animal” in an interview to describe the phenomenon. Robin argues that no leftist wants to sacrifice anyone as completely as a sacrificial animal. However, the tax foundation has set tax freedom day at April 9 this year. For over three months of the year, we are working to pay the government to help others. Just the other week, Laura Flanders suggested in one ‘F’ Word that because public institutions are beginning to fail, perhaps we are due for a tax increase. Leftists seems to be arguing: “Well, nobody wants you to sacrifice yourself completely. A quarter of yourself will do for now, and we’ll let you know if we need more.” Ask any liberal, or conservative, for that matter: What should happen to those who do not pay their “fair share”?? In that case, of course, let the ritual sacrifice begin.

    Of course, no leftist would ask that you sacrifice yourself completely. But what is the upper limit? 40%? 50%? 90%? Ironically, the video ends by linking the work of Rand, the whole point of which was apparently to argue that no person exists to serve others, to the slave trade. Good Grief!

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