Links for May 24, 2010: The War on Airline Carry-On Fees, Columbia Police Chief Wishes Marijuana Reform Movement Success, Thoughts on Oil, others….

  1. The fun part of being a libertarian is that you get to blame the government for all your problems. The hard part, and the part that drives people away from the ideology, is that you have to relinquish your sense of entitlement. No, you are not entitled as a matter of natural right to carry your luggage onto an airplane at no charge. The airlines are providing a service for you, and they have certain terms that you must either accept or reject. Who knows? The baggage charge might reward those who economize by reducing their overall ticket price…..

  2. The chief of police of Columbia, Missouri, where the now-viral video of a marijuana raid was filmed, wishes the marijuana law reform movement success.

  3. To the drug czar, legalizing marijuana is a “nonstarter” while returning to alcohol prohibition is the punchline of a joke. Get a clue: They are essentially the same thing.

  4. Peace out, brother….

  5. “One of the problems that the marijuana reform movement consistently faces is that everyone wants to talk about what marijuana does, but no one ever wants to look at what marijuana prohibition does. Marijuana never kicks down your door in the middle of the night. Marijuana never locks up sick and dying people. Marijuana does not suppress medical research. Marijuana does not peek in bedroom windows. Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could.” ~Richard Cowan. Case in point. See annotations.

  6. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.

    The author drops subtle hints, such as using the phrase “spew contempt for” instead of “argue eloquently against”, to indicate that she does not respect the tea party movement. Normally I defend the tea party movement from this sort of aggression, but the more important issue here is that of limited liability. Because I do not favor limiting liability beyond the bankruptcy process, I agree here with the author. If you muck something up, you should pay for it to the point of personal bankruptcy. It’s only fair, and will encourage the captains of industry to be more careful….

  7. Because government is so pervasive, it usually isn’t hard link it to our problems. I was stumped with this gulf oil spill catastrophe until I learned here that there is a government regulatory agency called the “Minerals Management Service” that sets safety standards for off-shore drilling rigs. It says that BP “voluntarily” uses acoustic valves off of Britain, but, with the blessing of the Minerals Management Service, BP did not use them here in the Gulf of Mexico.  This Robert Kennedy, Jr. blames the Bush Administration for the lax standards.  I wonder what the Kennedy means by “voluntarily”.  Does he mean that it was BP’s idea to use the valves off Europe, and BP uses them there totally of its own volition?  Or does Kennedy mean the BP “voluntarily” acquiesces to European regulation regarding the use of the valves without attempting to influence European lawmakers?  The answer to that question would help me decide how much blame Bush’s MMS should receive for the spill.

  8. Rand Paul: Practically an equestrian. You don't want a guy like THAT in congress, do you?

    OoOOo!! Rand Paul celebrated his victory at a country club!!! Got any more dirt on him, HuffPost?

  9. I haven’t yet read the bill, but it sounds like the type of garbage I would oppose: New regulations for live music in Philly bars and clubs.

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