Links for May 3, 2010: Asset Forfeiture, Arizona, Smirking Chimps, others….

  1. Nice and overdue intro to the legal theory.  Thanks to IJ for bringing this to light.

  2. A home-run for the Aggressive Progressive this week.  I’m with them on this issue:  Congressman Brian Bilbray tries to explain non-ethnic criteria for determining reasonable suspicion for detaining people for being illegal immigrants.

  3. The OCA has a penchant for opining on non-food-related matters. Here the diagnosis seems OK, but I can’t get behind the cure. As if it weren’t bad enough that State is harassing these migrant workers for their papers, now were all supposed to join together to bankrupt and impoverish them, too. A better protest would be to convince Arizonans to stop paying state taxes. Let’s bankrupt the oppressive government, not the oppressed workers.

  4. This guy told me that an acquaintance of his said that libertarians are childish retards. (Photo: Richard)

    The Smirking Chimp | Confessions Of A Wall St. Nihilist: Forget About Goldman Sachs, Our Entire Economy Is Built On Frud (Annotated)(Original)

    A barely-coherent anti-libertarian rant followed by a list of “10 fun fraud facts”, six of which directly inculpate government actors. Hmmm… See annotations.

  5. A very interesting question. I like to think of myself as “ever-more business friendly”, but even I think that this crosses a line into the unconscionable. Rent-A-Center wants the employee to bring all disputes before an arbitrator that it chooses, but reserves for itself the right to sue in a U.S. court. I should hear the argument….

  6. The problem of Indian people being declared dead by their thieving, conniving relatives is apparently widespread enough to merit the formation of an association, the “Uttar Pradesh Mritak Sangh”, which works on behalf of the living ‘dead’ to have the government restore their status to ‘living’.

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