Links for April 19th, 2010: What is a Libertarian?, Marijuana Law Enforcement in Philly, R.I.P. Jack Herer, others….

  1. The Cato Institute posts this excellent intro to Libertarianism to share with your interested friends and family. At the end, Stossel asks for alternatives to the term “Libertarian”. I liked the term a lot until I learned that it used to be the term for “leftist anarchism”. I’d like to come up with another term to avoid the confusion.

  2. A step in the right direction for marijuana policy in Philadelphia. Now I wish I’d voted for Seth Williams. :-/

  3. If you are considering roaming the streets of Iraq, it may be a good idea to leave your camera at home.

  4. An astute comment about WikiLeaks editorializing despite its mission simply to release. An unwarranted condemnation on WikiLeak’s fund-raising strategies.

  5. R.I.P. Jack Herer

    “Last year, I learned the hard way about a bizarre legal process called civil asset forfeiture.” I learned about it by reading Jack Herer’s “The Emperor wears No Clothes” around 2004 while I was living in Manayunk. Where were you when you first heard about civil asset forfeiture?

  6. Jack Herer was a prominent activist for marijuana law reform. His The Emperor Wears No Clothes was a huge influence on my decision to go to law school.

  7. Can the Pope be arrested and put on trial for obstructing justice during the sex abuse scandal? Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins seek to find out. This commentator thinks that the Pope will enjoy the immunity of a head of state. Let’s find out….

  8. Why ‘going green’ is easier said than done. The ‘paper towel vs. cloth’ discussion demonstrates the sort of calculations we must make for each and every one of our daily activities before we can consider ourselves effective environmentalists. The house discussion is OK, too.

  9. The essay is full of errors, but the one error that is the source of most of the others is the author’s conflation of abundant natural resources and scarce useful capital goods.  Here I had to use my words carefully.  Normally I use the word resource to denote anything useful, but for this annotation, the word resource is used to denote natural, raw materials, and the word capital to refer to man-made things used to satisfy human needs.

  10. Key words: “So far”

  11. Don’t miss next week’s exciting comment: “How to Listen to Your Tea Partying Cousin.”

  12. Great! We get to triple the deficit and pay less in taxes! All we gotta do is force rich people to pay for everything! Why didn’t I think of that?

  13. “We are in desperate need of bold, robust job creation.” Nevermind where the government gets its money, or what, exactly, it will pay people to do. We apparently need the government to create the jobs that Americans are unwilling to create voluntarily with their earned resources….

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