Links for April 12, 2010: Marijuana Policy in Philadelphia, A Critique of Austrian Economics, others…

  1. | D.A. Explains New Pot Policing Proposals Vodpod videos no longer available.

    Seth Williams explains sensible proposal for marijuana arrest procedure, wards off scaremongering. For the latest, check Seth Williams’s recent “Radio Times” interview.

  2. DEA | Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization

    Call from the DEA.

  3. Opposing Views | The DEA’s Top 10 “Facts” on Marijuana Legalization

    Response from NORML.

  4. » Certificate of Need Programs

    Arguing against “Certificate of Need” laws. I said before that I’d have a “pro-con” on this. Here is the “con”….

  5. Grasping Reality with Our Minions, Our Machines, and Our Mental Powers | What Is Austrian Economics?

    A rare attempt at directly responding to the ideas of Austrian Economists. One of the main counter-arguments is that the author argues against straw-men and that Austrians economists don’t actually hold the stated positions. At the LvMI facebook page where I found this link, many Austrian supporters claimed their comments had been deleted, including one who wrote: “I would prefer refutations of actual statements made by actual people.”

  6. Economic Thought | Bradford DeLong on Austrian Economics

    Austrian rebuttal to the previous link.

  7. Text of H.R.946 as Placed on Calendar Senate: Plain Writing Act of 2010 – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress

    This bill is a good idea, but it has no teeth without either judicial review or the creation of legal defenses.

  8. Why the Soda Tax is a Sin

    …Thus goes the logic of the sin tax – generate funds and shape behavior. However, what is sinful about “sin taxes” is that they are flat taxes….

    Get that? No problems with being manipulated through selective garnishment of our hard-earned cash, so long as it hurts the rich at least as much as it hurts the poor.

  9. | Jonathan Drori: Every pollen grain has a story

    Fighting crime with pollen forensics….

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