Links for Monday, March 29, 2010: >> Certificates of Need Stifle Health Care Competition, Fish Pedicures Banned, others….

  1. | New Hampshire Nannies

    It’s for your own good.

  2. | Nick Gillespie Discusses Pet vs. Human Hospitals on Stossel

    Thirty-six state governments require a “certificate of need” before a new hospital may be built in a given area, thereby directly inhibiting the growth of the supply of medical services and increasing the cost of medical care. Where’s the outrage? Next week: Certificate of Need Pro/Con.

  3. | North Korean finance chief executed for botched currency reform

    So, who’s next? Maybe everyone in the North Korean government should be executed by firing squad for running a botched country. (not that I’ve ever been there, but…..)

  4. Washington Post: On Faith Panelists Blog | Religious no longer a protected class – Daniel C. Dennett

    Daniel Dennett’s pithy defense of the media’s criticism of Christianity and religion in general. I agree that religious ideas should not be insulated from scrutiny, but I do not believe that the religious should be punished to a greater extent if their religion inspires criminality. I believe people should be punished based on their actions, not their thoughts.

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