Links for March 8, 2010: Philly Bars Raided for Serving Unregistered Beers, Hitchens on Rand, others….

  1. Philadelphia Daily News | Troopers raid popular bars for unlicensed beers: Dozens of gallons seized after 'citizen complaint'

    "'My main beef with this whole convoluted situation is that the PLCB is the sole regulator of a set of products that they do not even know the names of,' she said." … "Maida said that the couple's attorney had told them that they have until 6 p.m. tonight to compile evidence to prove that the confiscated beer is properly registered. 'The onus is on us to prove our innocence,' she said."

    I'm trying to imagine these citizens who apparently carry the PLCB list of registered beers in their hip pockets, just in case somebody offers them a beer they do not recognize….

  2. YouTube | Hitchens Destroys the Cult of Ayn Rand

    I've never read any Ayn Rand. I bought "The Fountainhead" in audiobook form on clearance a couple months ago. I have not yet listened. Based on what I've heard about her and her cult, I do not disagree with anything Hitchens says here. I understand that Rand had no love for the Libertarian Party.

  3. The Nation | Slide Show: The Wrong Kind of Green

    Another way to attack an idea ad hominem is to identify some sort of conflict of interest between the speaking organization and its funders. There may be some practical benefit to identifying this sort of collusion, but it is never as informative or convincing as a direct response to what the speaker says. For example, in slide 8, the authors lambasted former Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope for endorsing Clorox's new line of "green" cleaners without adequately researching the line's alleged environmental benefits. I could respond thus: “All the while, in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, the Nation advertised Reckitt Benckiser brands such as Lysol and Air Wick that are in direct competition with the Clorox company. Coincidence???” Would such an argument satisfy? Wouldn’t the critical reader be more satisfied if I demonstrated that Carl Pope did more research before his endorsement?

  4. Huffington Post | Palin Crossed Border For Canadian Health Care

    An interesting counter to the routine "Canadian official receives treatment in the United States" stories that I've become accustomed to hearing. I would very much like to know more details, especially whether she was required to demonstrate Canadian citizenship before receiving treatment. Also, it should be noted that she was six years old at the time.

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