Links for March 17, 2010: Judge Jim Gray On What’s Wrong With Drug Prohibition; Will Weaking the Dollar Help the Economy?; others….

  1. | Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups That Benefit From Drug Prohibition

    The essential arguments against drug prohibition in under nine minutes.

  2. Mother Jones | China's Empty Threat

    "If they started dumping their U.S. assets, China would lose money on the deal and the dollar would fall in value, which would help correct our trade deficit. What's not to like?"

    At some point, you gotta smell a rat. The premise is that America imports more value than it exports. The argument is that, if only we print more money, or if China dumps it holdings of American debt, so as to cause the value of our money to fall, then the value of our exports will magically approach the value of our imports. No side effects? Good news only? I need to study a flow chart to understand exactly how that works. Until then, here is a counter-argument. Let’s start thinking critically about this.

  3. The Frederick News-Post Online State lawmakers to announce medical marijuana bill

    Maryland considers medical marijuana legislation.

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