Links for March 2, 2010: Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul Supporters, A Marxist Response to the “Mudpie Argument”, others….

  1. YouTube | Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul & his supporters

    A fundamental disagreement I have with Chomsky is that, whereas he seems universally to recognize the authority of democracy, I do not. Chomsky reassures us that alien forces such as government are not trying to steal our money through taxation. We should rejoice on tax day, Chomsky argues, because it is only a majority of our brethren who have voted to steal our money from us for the purposes that “we” (read “they”) have agreed upon. The assumption is that we all always assent to democracy. I do not accept that assumption. The cliche to remember is tyranny of the majority. Fifty-one percent of the people have have no inherent right to the property of the other forty-nine percent. If some members of the forty-nine percent wish to waive their property rights in the name of democracy, they may. To force this waiver, however, is simply tyranny of the majority. We all know how much Chomsky hates tyranny!

  2. Kapitalism101 | Law of Value- 3. Das MudPie (draft)

    A capital investment for my mudpie enterprise! (photo: Monniaux)

    He could have simply written: “In the last sentence of the first section of chapter one of Capital, Vol. 1, Marx limits the applicability of his Labor Theory of Value only to useful labor; therefore, by definition, the Labor Theory of Value does not apply to mudpies,” but that wouldn’t have sounded nearly as impressive.
  3. | Time to Put Coins on Your Banking Radar

    Sometimes I ask for half-dollars, dollar coins, and $2 bills. If they have them in, that’s cool, but I don’t press the issue.

  4. THOMAS (Library of Congress) | H.RES.224: Supporting the designation of Pi Day, and for other purposes.Wow. I’m glad to see that Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) is putting his time in the office to good use. Remind me…. What is the purpose of government again?

2 Responses to Links for March 2, 2010: Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul Supporters, A Marxist Response to the “Mudpie Argument”, others….

  1. Bill says:

    I think you’ve misunderstood Chomsky’s point. What he said was that IF we lived in a functioning democracy, we would be happy to pay taxes (i.e., continue to fund those projects we have chosen to support), and that such a system would represent a grave and unacceptable threat to the type of system we actually have.

  2. autofyrsto says:

    You are correct in that Chomsky was not defending the status quo. I still have reservations, however, about whether we would or should always participate happily in democracies—even functional ones. Certain things should not be up for a vote. Among them, in my opinion, is the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

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