Links for February 21, 2010: Colorado Residents Must Register With Local Government Before Spending over $200 on Political Speech, Nick Gillespie and Lawrence Lessig on Citizens United, Ron Paul Wins CPAC, others….

  1. Institute for Justice: Litigating for Liberty | Karen Sampson & Free Speech

    Campaign finance laws like this one ensure that ONLY the rich have a voice in political campaigns.

  2. PBS: Bill Moyers Journal | Lawrence Lessig and Nick Gillespie
    Vodpod videos no longer available.
    A great episode of Bill Moyers Journal. Two favorites of mine, Nick Gillespie of, and Lawrence Lessig, founding board member of Creative Commons, discuss the Citizens United case. Lessig’s numerous appeals to how the legislative process 'appears' to the American people sounds a little like argumentum ad populum to my ear. I don't believe that the government should restrict freedom of speech to placate a majority of fearful Americans. (26:45)
  3. | Boos as Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll


  4. Huffington Post | CPAC 2010 Straw Poll RESULTS: Ron Paul Wins Big

    Here we go again! "Die hard conservatives" "flood the polls and forums" to give Ron Paul 32% of the vote! Maybe it's time to put "Ron Paul 2012" stickers on my bike….

  5. Mother Jones | Regulate 'Em All

    A critique of Blackstone executive Stephen Schwartz plea not to single out banks for retribution over the financial crisis, and that coming down hard on banks simply out of retribution will cause additonal problems for investors and comsumers. Schwartz's article mentions the government's share of the responsibility for the crisis: that the Fed's expansions of money and credit spurred malinvestment, that Fannie and Freddie pushed people into mortgages who otherwise would not have been qualified to receive them, and that regulators were too lax. Kevin Drumm at Mother Jones quotes Tim Fernholz at the American Prospect, who is unsympathetic to Schwartz regarding the lax regulations because they resulted from financial industry lobby. Fernholz dismisses Schwartz's claims about Fannie and Freddie as a mere incident, and has nothing to say about the Fed's monetary policies. Kevin Drumm continues to pounce on Schwartz over regulations, but mentions neither Fannie, Freddie, nor the Fed.

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