Links for 2010-02-17: LAPD Harasses Sidewalk Food Vendors, Learn Marx’s Capital via Podcast, others….

  1. | Taco Truck Takedown! Why is the LAPD harassing food carts?

    Forty-five days in jail for selling hot dogs? And you thought this was a "free" country…..

  2. LibriVox | Capital Volume 1 by Karl Marx

    The real deal? Das Kapital in a free audiobook podcast.

  3. David | Reading Marx's Capital

    Ooh! A 13-part video podcast on Das Kapital. Can't watch now, but my comments will surely follow!

  4. Electronic Frontier Foundation | Music Journalism is the New Piracy

    This sort of myopia reminds me of the war on drugs. Let's all just make things worse for no good reason.

  5. Mother Jones | The Revenge of Ron Paul

    If this is news to you, then you do need to pay more attention to libertarian politics.

  6. Reason | Was That Colorado Pot Grower Complying With State Law? Does It Matter?

    Remember, the federal government ratained the authority to interpret state medical marijuana laws. In whose favor did you expect the federal government to interpret state law???

    Best comment: "require caregivers to offer additional services to their patients besides providing them with pot" WTF?"Here's your pot, *and* your joke of the day. Now let me wipe your nose so you can get out of here without us being busted."

  7. Greenpeace USA | President Obama Ignores the Bad Economics and Backs Nuclear Loans

    It wouldn't have been the first time President Obama ignored bad economics.

  8. Food Freedom | FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

    What's the punchline? The punchline is that the federal government had authority to investigate Mr. Allgyer, even if he drank all the milk and ate all the cows himself! Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942). BA-DUM CHH!! Also, if this was an investigation for civil, regulatory purpose, then forget about Miranda and the right against self-incrimination. Bill of Rights does not apply. BA-DUM CHH!!!

  9. World Socialist Party (US) | Production for Profit

    First, the cheap shot: Let those who advocate "production for use" be the first to volunteer to produce for use. If capitalists have left houses unfinished while houses are needed, then perhaps SPGB should finish them, eh? Now, the good-faith response: SPGB concedes "a tiny bit of truth" to the capitalist's notion that profits guide producers to produce useful things. But "the other side of the coin of production for profit," it is said, "is ‘no profit, no production’. This applies not just to outdated fashions and technology, but to any good or service, no matter how badly it is needed." I contend that where goods and services are badly needed, they will generate profit. One trouble is that regulatory restrictions on production limit the supply and variety of available goods, thereby increasing their price to beyond the reach of the poor. A homeless person may prefer a shanty to a shrub, but where housing codes forbid the production of shanties for use, they will be unavailable.

  10. World Socialist Party (US) | Capitalism Must Go

    Long on vilifying profits and those who make them, yet short on explaining why, exactly, "[t]he headlong pursuit of profits has led to a situation where the owners can’t make profits at the same rate as before," and why this has led to an economic downturn. I'm sure it makes sense to them.

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