links for 2010-02-15

  1. ACLJ | The Parade of Horribles

    Imagine if everyone exercised their religious liberty. What a horrible world that would be, right? Sekulow asserts that the Satanists and the Wiccans already have a right to meet for religious purposes. This is the same Jay Sekulow who neglected to mention that the Mojave Desert Cross case began when the federal government denied a Buddhist's request to erect a shrine on federally owned land in the vicinity of the cross. Instead, Sekulow carried on as if the horrible, godless people of America attacked the Christian Cross without provocation. Again with the borderline dishonesty.

  2. ACLJ | Context of the Ten Commandments

    I find Sekulow's assessment of the proper context within which to display the Ten Commandments very interesting. I thought he was going to say that if you were teaching theology and you have up quotes and laws from other religious texts, then it should be no trouble to post the Ten. Instead he believes there should be no trouble with the law if the Ten are posted alongside the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. This is an example of the belief that the Ten Commandments is among America's foundational documents. Despite its influence among our nation's founders, I would not categorize it that way.

  3. | Queens girl Alexa Gonzalez hauled out of school in handcuffs after getting caught doodling on desk

    Queens police have nothing better to do, I guess.


    Another link to Super Roots 2, plus other rarities.

  5. Boredoms (1994.00.00) (mini album) Super Roots 2 [160 kbps].rar

    Super Roots 2 is Super Rare. This may be the only way to get it.

  6. The Socialist WebZine | Letter to the Editor – Economic Democracy

    The Socialist WebZine is now offiering advice on how to run a successful business enterprise. Are we in upside-down land? Fact is, the free market allows for the type of business organizations that the socialist here is advocating. If it is really as productiv as the socialists sya it is, it should have no trouble prevailing in a greed-driven marketplace. The market does not guarantee success every time. Short-sighted businesses should fail. To me, that is indicative of a properly-functioning market. How is it, now, that many businesses that do not offer their workers democratic choice end up successful?


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