links for 2010-02-06

  1. | Aggressive Progressive: Fix the Budget, Fix America

    I agree here with Drew Hudson that we should cut the defense budget, as we should cut the budget everywhere else. By "restarting the economy", I hope he means returning that money to the American taxpayers.

  2. Link TV | Dean's Beans Blog: Lords of the Ring: Who Determines the Price of Coffee?

    If nobody is willing to pay the farmers their production costs, then what does that say about the market's need for coffee? What will happen—what should happen—is that is that farmers will and should give up making coffee and find something else to do to provide for themselves. It's not easy to say to a large swath of South Americans: "Well, look, your coffee culture is obsolete. International traders are no longer willing to pay for what you do." But if that's the reality, then so be it. Part of the equation is: who is selling coffee at below the cost of production, and why? If big international coffee corporations are making a killing selling coffee, and if they actually want to survive, then they will do well not to bankrupt their suppliers. They should consider offering the farmers enough for the crop so that the farmers can keep their businesses going. The farmers should consider another line of work if nobody is willing to offer them enough to keep their business going.

  3. John Birch Society | Stop the Homosexual Revolution

    Why I can't be a Bircher. I like their economic stuff, but I can't get into the shameless bigotry. If Marine Major Charles Johnson would rather resign than serve alongside a homosexual, then Marine Major Charles Johnson is a bigot. Those who believe that the bigotry in the military should continue because it is "long-standing practice" are bigots. I don't see here any acceptable justification for bigotry.


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