links for 2010-02-02

  1. National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation | Federal Labor Board Rejects Frivolous Teamster Union Charges Against National Right to Work Foundation

    Workers do not all speak with one voice.

  2. Huffington Post | Bacteria Linked To Feces Found In Nearly Half Of Fast Food Soda Fountains

    News Flash! This just in! Didn't think the air you breathe could get any grosser? Well it can. Whenever you smell a fart, that's, like, butt-air going up your nose. Think about that. I'm never breathing again.

  3. Daily Reckoning | Stimulus in a Real Depression

    Another argument against stimulus.

  4. Daily Reckoning | Blindness and Emotion in the Market

    "There is a long list of others who have bucked the conventional wisdom by being bearish. In fact, a cottage industry exists that exploits investor fears with dire predictions usually recommending ownership of gold coins or Treasury bills. They may have gained some converts during downturns, but each time the central bank has acted swiftly to spray more cheap credit out of its hose to put out the fire." —– It's more like fighting fire with fire. Maybe like back-burning?

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