links for 2010-01-31

  1. Mises Institute | How to Fix the Jobs Problem

    Boom. QED. This is an application of the more general theory that “markets clear”.

  2. Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) | Obama Launches YouTube Forum on Legalizing Marijuana

    April fool! Too funny. Although it is time we got some straight answers instead of snickering.

  3. Aggressive Progressive | Progressive Strategy on Jobs and Economic Justice

    No. The job comes first, then comes the spending.

  4. Socialist Worker | Young people demand public jobs program

    There is no “right” to a job any more than there is a “right” to any of the things that the demonstrators want the government to create jobs to provide. There is no “right” to accessible child care. There is no “right” to community facilities. Simply imagining a thing to be helpful or convenient does not automatically create a “right” to it. There is no “right” to receive from the government even the most basic necessities. I would like hear these demonstrators explain the nature of “rights” and how the “right to a job” qualifies as a “right”. In my view, there is no “right” to anything that requires the involuntary use of the labor or property of others. In my view, a government employee does not have a “right” to funds involuntarily confiscated from others through taxation.

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