links for 2010-01-22

  1. Democracy Now! | Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert

    Merely describing one's opponents position is not usually a sufficient counterargument.  I don't agree that a plan should be taken off the table the moment one finds in it that a businessman takes a profit for his efforts: "Yes, the fickle years passed by; Smith was a millionaire, but Smith himself was now forgot- though bread was everywhere. People, asked from where it came, would very seldom know. They would simply eat and ask, 'Was not it always so?' However, Smith cared not a bit, for millions ate his bread, and 'Everything is fine,' thought he, 'I am rich and they are fed!'" ~RW Grant

  2. The Heartland Institute | Another Global Warming Myth Busted: Himalayan Glaciers NOT Melting Away

    I love the Heartland institute on many issues, but I'm not 'feeling' this post.  First, I don't think the body of the article proves the headline's claim.  It is inconclusive at best, and says only that original claims of melting were based on arguably unreliable information.  That isn't conclusive proof of falsehood.  Second, I think a lot of stuff is visibly melting away. I refer you to this TED talk showing some time lapse video:


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