links for 2010-01-21

  1. FIRE | Temple University Charges Unconstitutional ‘Security’ Fee for Geert Wilders Event; Dutch Trial Begins Today over Controversial Expression

    This is a difficult question for me because, in a purely libertarian society, it would be the speaker's responsibility to provide for his own security. It seems unfair to me that unpopular speech should be burdened this way. But is seems just as unfair to me to allow unpopular people to force their listeners to pay for their security through taxation. Tough Q.

  2. | Filmmaker Geert Wilders faces hatred charges

    On trial in Amsterdam for inciting hatred via his film "Fitna", which criticizes Islam. The video is here. At 6.19, Wilders shows us what his own face looks like on a hit list. Maybe his defense should be: "I was just sayin', y'know, that my face is on a hitlist, and don't think it should oughtta be."


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