links for 2010-01-20

  1. Mises Institute | Place Blame Where It Belongs – Stephen Mauzy

    On voters, according to Stephen Mauzy, who likens social security and single-payer health care to ponzi schemes.

  2. Legal Affairs | “Loser Pays” Doesn’t

    Herbert M. Kritzer argues against a loser-pays legal system. First comes the curious argument that, under a loser-pays system, those with strong cases would be more likely to bring them and less likely to compromise. This argument throws the baby out with the bath water. Kritzer is willing to sacrifice justice to attain a more cost-effective legal system. A better arguments is that indigent losers would be unable to pay the winner’s legal fees anyway. In this case, however, nothing is really lost by moving to a loser-pays system. The winner would pay anyway in the occasional instance where justice miscarries through the losers indigence. Kritzer also argues that disputes over the costs would lead to even more costs, yet I imagine these disputes, too, would be subject to the loser pays rule, and that only the most meritorious cases would be raised. I’m still interested in taking a closer look at the issue, for and against. I need to ensure I understand this “against” argument.

  3. Mises Institute | The Free Administration of Justice – Lysander Spooner

    It looks like an old argument for a “loser pays” system.

  4. CNBC | Milton Friedman Tribute

    WoW!! Apparently, at some point, Ben Bernanke admitted that central bank policies were responsible for prolonging the Great Depression. Bernanke allegedly said: I would like to say to Milton regarding the great depression: “You’re right. We did it, we’re very sorry, but thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” The problem then was apparently to tight of a money supply. The problem now, many would argue, is too loose of a money supply.


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