links for 2010-01-19

  1. World Socialist Party (US) | Socialist Guide to Marx’s Capital (1)

    I’ve never read Das Kapital, so I’m greatly looking forward to this brief critique of capitalism.

  2. World Socialist Web Site | Egor Gaidar (1956-2009): Architect of capitalist restoration in Russia

    This is my first exposure to Mr. Egor Gaidar’s and his policies. WSWS lambastes his efforts to restore capitalism to Russia. My first observation is that cleaning up after decades of communist tyranny can not be an easy task. My second observation is that much of the impoverishment the author bemoans is the result of inflation, which is a product of the monetary policies of government-installed central banks, not the free-market. Egor Gaidar may have been Russia’s Alan Greenspan, but I don’t really know how enough about him to say.

  3. Telegraph | Lebanese businessman caught with $1 million notes

    The million dollar bill is ridiculous.  It says “Silver Certificate”.  Everyone knows that our government has not issued silver certificates in decades. Duh! There actually was a $100,000 bill, but to my knowledge, it was not in general circulation, and was used only in transfers between government agencies and/or departments. A real one is on display at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

  4. U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Servies | Genealogy

    A government genealogy service that will take as close a look into immigration and naturalization records that you will probably ever find.


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