links for 2010-01-12

  1. Link TV | Climate Change Hits Home – Recreation

    I see. So how do we go about legislating better weather?

  2. Link TV | Lost in Translation

    Another view of the Christmas Day bomb plot & implications

  3. | CSPAN requests coverage of secret health care negotiations

    More on transparency. Obama apparently made a campaign promise to ensure that C-SPAN cameras are present during congressional health care negotiations. Apparently, this has not happened.

  4. | Jessica Corry: Republican Mom for Pot Legalization!

    It is what it says.

  5. Cato Institute | Government Workers’ Padded Paychecks | Chris Edwards

    This is the result we would expect, what with coercive taxation distorting price calculation and all.

  6. Cato Institute | Legalize Insider Trading | Donald J. Boudreaux

    I’ve never understood why insider trading is a crime. Here is the case for legalizing it.

  7. Aggressive Progressive | New Jobless Numbers Show Congress Must Take the Lead Now to Put America Back to Work

    A pox on all these people who believe jobs are ends in themselves that congress must create at the stoke of a pen with confiscated, borrowed, and printed money. They misunderstand the whole point of working.


One Response to links for 2010-01-12

  1. […] been encouraged to conduct more research on insider trading before advocating legalization. First stops, of course, are all my favorite cynical Libertarian sources. This articles delves a […]

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