The Ron Paul r3VOLution and I Part Ways

Following Ron Paul for the past year has been really great for the cause of Liberty. I was proud to have been a part of the r3VOLution. Unfortunately, all things must pass. A little while ago, Ron Paul officially endorsed Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin for President.

Reason: Ron Paul’s Presidential Endorsement. For Real, This Time.

A great many of Ron Paul’s supporters have since thrown their support over to Chuck Baldwin. I have not, and I will not, unless and until Baldwin publicly repudiates the religio-political garbage in his party’s platform. A summary of the more unsavory parts of the platform is here.

I am aware that Ron Paul has held many of these views personally, but Paul has (almost) always stopped short of touting is personal morality and moving to implement it as a matter of federal law. Members of the Constitution Party are not so humble. Not only to they wear their personal moral convictions on their sleeve, they also seem to be actively seeking to impose them on the entire country. I can’t endorse that.

As it is, I’m not endorsing anyone for president. I’ll probably end up voting Libertarian, though.


3 Responses to The Ron Paul r3VOLution and I Part Ways

  1. NH says:

    This is what I hate about libertarians.

    So you’re basically saying you’ll help Marxist Obama and his police state elected?

    Do you see what he is doing now? He is having his critics arrested, Hugo Chavez style.

  2. autofyrsto says:


    Yeah, I get it from all sides. Obama supporters will undoubtedly accuse me of helping that neo-con warmonger McCain and his airhead, fundamentalist sidekick get elected.

    I don’t know what to make of McCain’s socialist bailou–*cough cough*–I mean “rescue” plans….

    How many journalists were arrested outside the Republican National Convention? Don’t worry about it. They were all Commies, I’m sure. And besides, the charges were dropped…

  3. Nik Varrone says:

    Yeah Tim I was rather disappointed in Ron Paul after I heard that announcement. I already had some difficulty supporting him with the abortion issue (though I agree with his constitutional argument) and I’m done with now. I’m amazed that he supports the constitution party candidate and that so many of his people are going over to that candidate.

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